Night Time Routine




Our evening usually starts around 4:00. That’s when we head to my bootcamp class! The boys love playing in the childcare center, and this momma loves her 45 mins to get a workout in.
After the gym we go home and have playtime with daddy, dinner time, bath time, story time, bed time. I love this schedule because both boys are asleep by 7:30! This gives me a couple hours to myself (if I can stay awake that long).


4 thoughts on “Night Time Routine”

  1. Night time routines are so important for kids and parents. My husband doesn’t get it. I had our 3 yr old in a nice structured routine. Dinner, Play, Bath, Book, Bedtime. It was working great. Then my husband decided to start changing it up. Now this kid is up until 1130pm every night, only sleeps in our bed, and has to have the tv on. It makes me crazy. I think enough is enough. Starting Sunday, we are going back to momma’s routine!

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  2. Sounds like a good routine. Our evening routine starts about half 4 when my son gets his dinner then play, bath, bottle and bed. I am going back to work after maternity leave next month though and don’t finish work until 6 so I don’t know how our routine is going to work out then!


  3. Routines are very important for children, especially mealtimes and sleeping times. Seems like you guys have a great pattern!


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