So we started potty training…

Potty training is definitely an adventure. It takes patience and a great carpet cleaner! A great way to start is buying your little guy/gal some underwear they will be excited about. Start loading them with liquids and put them on the toilet every 15 minutes. Make it fun! In this video I talk about the first two days of potty training. 






1 thought on “So we started potty training…”

  1. I bought the potty watch off of Amazon (before reading this!). I was so bummed because it was broken when we got it. The timer shut off every time we set it. 😩. We also got Potty by Leslie Patricelli. My son loves it! Too bad we have been working on potty training since January 1. No, I didn’t mean to say June! 😬😬. My child is SO stubborn and strong willed; it has been such a challenge. He will also not go for my husband; he absolutely refuses. It’s so hard. We are so ready to be done with pull ups amd diapers!!

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